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As Joi Delivers Founding Club Member - IMR, I wanted to share with you some amazing information about this NEW company. Home Delivery is booming around the world. In the U.S. alone, Food Delivery is projected to be a $200 Billion Dollar Industry by 2025 ... and those projections were from 2019 … “PRE- Covid 19!” Since Covid hit in the spring, Consumer Awareness has skyrocketed to levels that would normally take a decade.

True Collaboration

The Joi Delivers business model is a True Collaboration. The Independent Marketing Reps’ primary role is to gather Customers and Drivers. They may also utilize their warm market relationships to add local businesses to our stable of Merchants. These relationships create the peer-to-peer collaboration that truly is a unique symbiotic relationship among everyone involved.

True Collaboration
Delivering Anything
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By the Driver for the Driver


As Joi Delivers starts to grow nationwide, we encourage you to download the app and even register as a driver. You will then be notified once you can start using Joi Delivers in your local area.

Download the CUSTOMER App

If you want to use the app to make life easier by having a team of concierge drivers at your fingertips, then download the Joi Delivers App today!

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Download the DRIVER App

If you are a responsible driver and want another stream of income by delivering goods to people in your local area, then download the DRIVER app.

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Earn Money Using Joi Delivers!

Two Unique Compensation Plans

The founders of Joi created two very Unique Compensation Plans. They recognized over the past few years that Drivers have been underpaid and underappreciated. Solving that issue is how they came up with our EXCLUSIVE Driver Referral Program that allows Drivers to get paid when other drivers drive. In addition, anyone can register to become an Independent Marketing Rep.

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